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Hello, I’m Salman Ahmed, an AI Consultant and Digital Marketing Strategist based in Dubai. With a strong background in AI development, implementation, and digital marketing strategies, I specialize in leveraging AI technologies to enhance digital marketing campaigns and optimize business processes.

 My expertise extends to AI Apps Building, website designing, video editing, social media management, and content creation. I am passionate about problem-solving and have a keen eye for detail.

I have developed AI solutions tailored to meet specific business requirements, automated tasks to improve efficiency, and created engaging digital marketing strategies. I am proficient in various platforms and languages, including WordPress, Wix, Python, and GPT-3 OpenAI.

When I’m not working, I enjoy freelancing, Building Ai Apps, website designing, video editing, playing snooker, and video games. I am always eager to learn and grow, and I am excited to bring my unique blend of skills and passion to new opportunities.


Jan 2023-Present

Marketing Manager & Ai Consultant

Ai Marketing Research & Consultancy, Dubai

– Currently serving as a Marketing Manager and AI Consultant, utilizing my expertise in AI and digital marketing to drive business growth and innovation.

– Specializing in the development and implementation of AI solutions that enhance business processes and customer engagement.
– Creating effective marketing strategies that align with business objectives and market trends.
– Leveraging technical acuity, creative problem-solving, and strategic planning to optimize business performance.

AI Development & Consultancy, Freelancing

Jan 2022-Present

  • Developed a
    • sophisticated chatbot for UAE VAT LAW, utilizing advanced AI technologies. This chatbot was designed to provide immediate, automated responses to queries, improving customer service and efficiency.
  • Created an
    • innovative AI content writing tool using the Python framework. This tool, similar in functionality to Jasper and, uses AI to generate high-quality, engaging content, reducing the time and effort required for content creation.
  • Prompt Engineering
    • on the GPT-3 OpenAI platform to generate engaging content. These prompts utilize the power of AI to create content that is not only engaging but also tailored to the specific needs and interests of the target audience.
  • Automated various tasks
    • using OpenAI, streamlining processes and improving efficiency. This automation has resulted in significant time savings, allowing for more focus on strategic tasks and decision-making.
  • Collaborated with
    •   cross-functional teams to develop AI solutions tailored to meet specific business requirements. This collaboration has resulted in the creation of AI solutions that are not only technologically advanced but also aligned with business goals and objectives.
  • Utilized AI
    • as a service to enhance the performance of applications and optimize user experiences. This has resulted in applications that are more responsive, user-friendly, and efficient.
  • Handled various clients
    • across the world, providing them with AI solutions that meet their specific needs and requirements. This has involved understanding the unique challenges and opportunities of each client and developing solutions accordingly.
  • Built various AI applications and custom AI tools,
    • demonstrating a high level of technical expertise and creativity. These applications and tools have been used to solve complex problems and drive business growth.
  • Successfully completed over 50 projects with satisfied clients.
    • This track record of success demonstrates my commitment to delivering high-quality work and achieving client satisfaction.

Sept 2020 – Sept 2021

Digital Marketing Executive

WebPedia Technologies

  • Create an online marketing strategy with solid rationale across Search, Paid Social,  Display, Video. 
  • Utilize research and competitor analysis tools to curate go-to-market online marketing  strategy. 
  • Design real-time reporting dashboards for clients in Data Virtualization tools like  Google Analytics. 
  • Setup and manage Websites on WordPress. 
  • Design digital media campaigns aligned with the objectives of the marketing budgets Coordinate the creation of digital content (e.g., website, blogs, press releases, and  podcasts) for tracking pixels and remarketing pixels 
  • Maintain a strong online company voice through social media 

Sept 2019 – Sep 2020

Technical Support Executive

PTCL Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited

  • Technical Support & Data Base Management. 
  • Maintains accurate records of the system database (Oracle). 
  • Hands-on experience with Oracle (SIEBEL) & Cisco System. 
  • GPON Technical Support. 
  • Perform as CSE in telecommunications  
  • related projects and new technology applications (Charji, Evo) 
  • Logs telecommunications work order service calls and trouble analysis with technical  expertise. 
  • Liaison with telecommunications vendors during trouble determination, evaluation, and  resolution and processes all repair orders accurately & quickly. 



Bachelor Degree of Science in Telecommunications

Iqra University, Karachi, Pakistan

High School from NCR College

Karachi, Pakistan


  • Google Project Management Professional Certification
  • DIGITAL MARKETING – (Batch-10) 
    • training in DIGITAL MARKETING course under Digi Skills Training Program 
  • Google (Fundamentals of Digital Marketing) 
  • Social Media Certified -HubSpot Academy 
  • Google Ads Certification (Display, Search, Video). 
  • Google Tag Manager. 
  • Google Analytics. 
  • Advanced Google Analytics. 
  • SMM Fundamentals – SEMRUSH 
  • Digital Skills (Digital Marketing)- Accenture 
  • Google – Foundations of User Experience Design (UX)



AI Models

GPT - Langchain - Hugging Face -

AI Development and

AI Cosnultancy and


Digital Marketing Strategies


Content Creation





Flask - Django - Streamlit

Web Development and Chatbot Creation


WordPress - Webflow

Social Media Management


No Code Mobile & Apps Developing

Flutter flow, Airtable, Glide

Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking









work together.