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I'm Salman and I'm a

A Digital Marketer. focused on Social Media Marketing, Social Media Advertising & Google Ads Platform. I am also learning Programmatic Advertising and working on Google DV 360 Platform. I am also a WordPress Designer and know the basics of a few programming languages (HTML, CSS, Python). I am always ready and eager to learn new technologies which are changing rapidly nowadays.

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My services

Social Media Marketing

-Social Media Strategy-
Our main goal is to create a feed that represents your business and grow your followers organically..


Setup, Optimize, and Manage Social Media Advertising Campaigns Targeted Sales, Leads, Traffic,and also Google Ads & Google Ads DV 360.

Website Designer

Every website should be built with two primary goals: Firstly, it needs to work across all devices. Secondly, it needs to be fast as possible.

My skills

My creative skills & experiences.

• Setup, Optimize, and Manage Social Media Advertising,
• Google Ads & Google DV 360 Campaigns.
• Social Media Accounts Handling & Management.
• Content Creation for Social Media Accounts.
• Copy Writing.

• Video Editing.
• Website Designing (WordPress, Wix, etc.)
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Social Media Marketing 80%
Social Media Advertising 70%
Video Editing 80%
Google Ads & DV 360 50%
WordPress 70%

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